Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

100% natural hemorrhoid treatment that works | Aloe vera optionSuffering from hemorrhoids can be an incredibly painful experience, particularly if you do not do something to quell the pain as soon as you possibly can. Thankfully, it is not too difficult to start treating the pain of hemorrhoids from the comfort of your own home. This means that you do not need to visit a doctor at all!

Let’s take a little look at some of the best natural hemorrhoid treatments and hemorrhoid home remedies shall we?

The Top 7 Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments You Can Do at Home

Oral Pain Relievers

To start with, it is worth noting that whilst the natural hemorrhoid treatment method is the best possible method for cleaning up those hemorrhoids once and for all, it is going to take a little bit of time to start working properly. I therefore suggest that you have a good amount of oral painkillers handy to quell the pain temporarily. As you are dealing with inflammation here, one of the best painkillers on the market is ibuprofen. You may also want to look into using aspirin. Make sure that you follow the directions to use them to the letter. After all, if you do not then you are probably going to end up with much bigger problems than your hemorrhoids!

Ice Packs, Heat and Sitz Bath

If you want quick relief of pain but do not wish to take medication then I suggest that you use a combination of ice and heat. Several times a day, you can apply an ice pack to the anus for around 10 minutes. After the ten minutes is up, remove the ice and place something hot there (perhaps a hot water bottle?). Consider getting a Sitz Bath, which can be easily fitted over the toilet. This is going to provide you with a lot of relief. Again, the relief is going to be temporary, but sometimes this is all that you are going to want! For more information on how to make Sitz Bath hemorrhoid home remedy please watch this video:

Bathroom Habits

You are also going to wish to adopt better ‘bathroom habits’. When you are wiping after a bowel movement you should wet the paper first. This will help keep it soft. It is also important that you remember to not wipe. You should instead blot gently. If you find that the paper is still not soft enough for you after making it wet, then you may want to look into using baby wipes which are slightly more effective.

If your pain is particularly severe then you may wish to avoid coming into contact with the anal area full stop. It still needs to be cleaned though. Therefore, instead of using toilet paper you should hop into the shower and rinse off. If you have a bidet then you can use that as well. You can then pat the area dry with a soft cloth when you are done. Make sure that when you are cleansing the anus you do not use a soap which contains perfumes and dyes. This is going to make the problem a lot worse. The soap should tell you what it contains if you take a look at the bottle.

Your Diet Plan and Exercise

Introduce more healthy food options in your dietOne of the biggest causes of hemorrhoids is being overweight. Therefore if you are classed as overweight you are going to need to make a few changes. Perhaps the main way to do this is through regular exercise (at least thirty minutes a day!) and a change of your diet. In my opinion, for those that are slightly larger, this is the best natural hemorrhoid treatment out there. It is going to take a lot of effort, but in most cases, if you lose the weight then you will find that the problem does not return again! Bear in mind the following tips as well:

  • Try to introduce more fiber into your diet. Eating more vegetables and whole grains will be ideal for this. Fiber will improve your bowel movements and soften up your stools so there is less pressure on the hemorrhoids.
  • At least eight glasses of water a day need to be drunk. You have absolutely no excuses!
  • Try to avoid eating saturated fats. Not only will this boost your weight quite quickly, but it can cause a lot of havoc when it comes to bowel movements.

If you head online then you may find that there are a number of supplements for sale which claim to be a natural hemorrhoid treatment. Some of these are fantastic. Others will do nothing for you. I suggest that you carry out a bit of research before you commit yourself to a purchase. You should be able to find plenty of reviews on the products.

Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

One of the most effective ‘natural remedies’ for reducing the size of the hemorrhoids is witch hazel. You should be able to pick this up from any health food store. For this treatment, you are going to need to soak a cotton bud with witch hazel. You then lightly dab the hemorrhoid. You will want to do this a couple of times a day. You will find that after a week or so the size of the hemorrhoid will have decreased drastically. If you can’t find any witch hazel then you could always use Aloe Vera. It is just as effective.

Avoid Standing or Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Finally, if the problem is particularly severe for you one day, then I suggest that you lay in bed for a while, even if you spend the whole day there. This is going to take a lot of pressure of the anal glands and thus relieve the pain a lot. It will not clear up the problem, but it is going to provide you with a lot of relief! If you are suffering from hemorrhoids then try to avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. Both of these are known to make the problem a lot worse quite quickly.

In Conclusion

This is of course just a very brief guide to natural hemorrhoid treatment and, if you want guaranteed relief you can always do the above stated methods in conjunction with unique solution – Venapro hemorrhoid relief formula, which we believe is very effective, all natural and has no side effects.

I hope you have an idea of the sort of things that you are going to need to do to relieve your pain, and perhaps even eliminate those hemorrhoids once and for all! If you are still suffering from problems however then I do suggest that you get in touch with your doctor. They will be able to help you out. Try to go to your doctor as a last resort though. Most hemorrhoid problems can be treated at home if you use natural hemorrhoid treatment as soon as you notice hemorrhoid symptoms! Please watch this video for more information on hemorrhoid home remedies:


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