Hemorrhoid Causes

Digestive system disorders are the main hemorrhoid causesHemorrhoids are the bulging of blood vessels within the rectum or around the anus. These are classified as internal and external hemorrhoids respectively. There are many hemorrhoid causes which should be prevented to avoid forming hemroids. Although piles are not fatal, it generally causes discomfort and might result to other problems as it progresses.

The hemorrhoids causes are discussed in the following paragraphs as well as ways in preventing these.

The Most Common Hemorrhoid Causes

Straining Hard

Some hemorrhoid causes is straining when defecating. Straining during defecation puts pressure on the blood vessels in the rectum or around the anus which causes bulging. Although straining is inevitable, put in mind that piles caused by straining might have an underlying cause which is a systemic weakness around the rectal and anal veins. Getting rid of the first set of hemorrhoids do not assure of not having another due to the systemic weakness of tissue. The only way to get rid of developing hemorrhoids is to control the straining.

Constipation Leads to Hemorrhoids too

Constipation also causes one to strain hard during defecation and thus is considered as one of the hemorrhoid causes. Moreover, it might cause more friction to already developing and already developed hemorrhoids. If the bowel is impacted, straining will not do any help, defecating should not be done in a rush and just let the bowel come out naturally. Holding the breath while defecation will also cause the bowel to be retained, instead gentle, deep breathing should be done for a more relaxed feeling and to let the blood circulate. Less circulation causes even more strain to the hemorrhoid area.

If the bowel is still retained after a few minutes in the toilet, it is recommended to get out and walk around until the urge to defecate comes again. Walking makes the bowels in the intestines move which may help it to get expelled out.

If all of the above are still ineffective, inserting a suppository is the last resort rather than straining hard to let the bowel come out.

Constipation is caused by many instances including a low fiber diet, low or inadequate water intake, an excess of lactic acid which is produced when there is physical activity or muscle straining, vitamin E deficiency and lack of exercise. Some medications may also cause constipation as well as too much caffeine or excessive alcohol consumption.

Thus, eating a high fiber diet, drinking a lot of liquids and preventing food that causes constipation should help make bowels softer and should prevent constipation and help with hemorrhoid symptoms and signs

Toilet Position Can Cause the Problem

Another related condition which is one of the hemorrhoid causes is the way of sitting in the toilet. Improper position can cause pressure on the rectal muscles while relaxing the pelvic muscles. The pelvic muscles role is supposed to be to support when straining during defecation.  Relaxation of the pelvic muscles causes the bowel to retain inside which will cause the rectal muscle to strain more to let it come out. This is one of the unknown hemorrhoids causes.

Squatting is the usual position followed when defecating. However, one way to actually make the pelvic muscle function and not strain the rectal muscle is to put up the feet on a small footstool when defecating. Leaning forward on tiptoes and the balls of the feet while bending forward with the elbows resting on the knees may also help prevent hemorrhoid.

Even Diarrhea Can Put Pressure on the Rectum

Diarrhea is also one of the few hemorrhoid causes due to frequent bowel movement. The pressure of frequent bowel movement and the irritation it causes to the lower intestinal tract area are one of the hemorrhoids cause

Be Wary of Wiping Too Hard

Holistic approach to hemorrhod pain reliefBelieve it or not but wiping too hard is one of the hemorrhoid causes.  Scrubbing the anal area causes blood to flow to the area in a rush. It is a natural response to the friction. This response is to cushion the area to prevent damage. The pressure increase in the area caused by the blood rush causes the swelling of the blood vessels and further increase in size if hemorrhoids already existed in the area.

Moreover, if the hemroids originated from a weak tissue, rubbing can cause a break in the skin around the hemorrhoids and might cause thrombosis or the presence of blood clots. These blood clots can cause even more complication.

Refrain from using hard toilet paper because it causes stronger friction and abrasion on the skin. Gentle wiping should be done using a softer material such as a soft tissue or wet wipes or even cotton. If it is possible to use water in cleaning up, it is would be safer.

Sedentary Lifestyle Should be Avoided

Sitting or staying in one position for long periods of time due to work or simply due to laziness is one of the hemorrhoid causes. Staying active not only activates the external body but also the internals as well. Frequent movement helps the gastrointestinal system push food within the intestines. Walking and running helps food in the intestine to be pushed down, it also pushes down blood along with it to help circulation.

Sitting for a long time slows down peristalsis or the natural movement in the intestines which helps food to move within the intestines. Slowing down of peristalsis leads to constipation which in turn causes straining and then hemorrhoids.

Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle weakens the circulation of blood. There is not much change in the blood pressure which will cause the veins to contract and dilate which is supposed to be good to the circulation. Exercise does this to the body. Moderate exercise is needed to have some movement in the body. Too much exercise causes strain down the rectum however. Weight lifting as an exercise is not recommended as this causes pressure on the rectum.

Obese People Can Develop Hemorrhoids

Weight is one of the causes of hemorrhoids too. Obesity is actually related to sedentary lifestyle plus carrying extra weights will cause more strain in the rectal part and again causes hemorrhoids. Overweight people actually strain more in the toilet during defecation. Losing weight by exercise while having high fiber food and balanced diet result to less constipation, better circulation and helps in getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Strenuous Sports and Occupation Complicates to Hemorrhoids

As stated earlier, weightlifting and other strenuous sports can cause hemorrhoids due to the force of blood pressure into the lower part of the body. In cases that carrying heavy objects are needed at work, proper body mechanics are needed. The correct way in carrying heavy objects should be done to refrain from straining the lower part of the body including the spine. Bending the knees when carrying heavy objects and wearing back braces if necessary are preventive measures.

Excessive Coughing Puts on Pressure too

Other straining conditions like coughing, sneezing and laughing hard leads to physical exertions that puts on pressure in the body. It causes blood to rush in the anal canal which aggravates piles or causes the blood vessels to bulge to form hemorrhoids. Thus, it is also considered as one of the hemorrhoid causes. People who smoke too much can develop smokers cough and people with lung diseases can develop hemorrhoids too. Treating the cough and quitting cigarette smoking should be done.

In general, the main cause of hemorrhoids is basically straining. All the rest which were discussed earlier all lead to straining. The simple way to prevent hemorrhoids is to prevent anything that would cause the body to strain or that would affect pressure on the rectal area.

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